Edward Callaway, MD
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Ed Callaway MD – Biography



I have been in Radiology since 1974. I started out that year as a first year radiologic technology student. At that time, my first training site, St Anthony's Hospital in Oklahoma City, installed the very first EMI head CT scanner in Oklahoma.  

After medical school and a year internship in Internal Medicine, I spent two years flying around Europe in F-111 fighter-bombers as a flight surgeon at the end of the Cold War.   After that, I completed my radiology residency, mostly at Ben Taub Hospital in Houston

My radiology postings in the Air Force included a 2 man department, and 2 different tours of Germany split by 4 years at a teaching position in California.  During my first stint in Germany, I ran the teleradiology systems for the Balkans NATO Joint forces, and during my second tour, the teleradiology operations for the European Theater, Iraq and Afghanistan.  In between, I participated in Joint Service Equipment Selection Boards, PACS inspection teams, and a lot of time brow beating staff and residents into using speech recognition at DGMC, while starting up the first functional USAF regional teleradiogy network in the western US.  

After retiring from the AF in Germany, I moved down the road to Switzerland in 2006 and worked for NightHawk Teleradiology for 5 years, until the merger with Vrad, and became a Medical Director in 2006.  

During my time in Europe and Napa Valley, I developed my interest in wine and travelling.  Now I keep a wine cellar as my hobby.